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What is the Best Style for Candle Boxes?

Candle Boxes are sensitive products. Candles and their packaging boxes are a part of the retail industry with candles. There are various sizes available for candle making. However, what box style is best for candles is a considerable discussion. Let’s do it below.

  • Purpose Of Candle Boxes
  • The Requirements of a Powerful Candle Packaging
  • Available Style Options for Candle Gift Boxes
  • Finishing Requirements for Making a Candle Box

Purpose Of Candle Boxes

Candles are sensitive products. They are available in various options. Simple candles, decorative candles, scented candles, and medicated candles are popular and in demand. The purpose of candle boxes is to protect the candles and their properties till their final blow.  

The Requirements of a Powerful Candle Packaging

Robust candle packaging makes out of a proper alignment between material, finishing, branding, and wrapping. 

Available Style Options for Candle Gift Boxes

In the USA, there are various style options for making gift boxes. The best options are as follows.

  1. Candle drawer-style box
  2. Candle Boxes with Window Patch
  3. Candle boxes with a die-cut PVC plastic sheet included in the candle box are popular options in the USA candle market. 

Two-Piece Rigid Boxes for Glass Candle Containers

The rigid boxes with glass containers for scented candles are in heavy demand for premium candle boxes in the USA.

Bundle Box for Candle Packaging

Another popular option in the American candle market is the candle packaging available in bundle boxes with several individual candles packed together. This famous style is standard for little candles like tea candles. 

Round Containers for Candle Boxes

In the candle market, round candle containers are the most common and popular shape of candle placement. However, the candle box can be of proper or square shape per the client’s choices.  

Square Containers for Candle Boxes

The second shape in demand concerning candle box packaging is the square candle container. Square candle containers are filled with candles inside them. Square candle containers consist of glass material for scented candles. 

Candle Boxes with Lid Container

Candle boxes with lid containers are also famous in the Americancandle market. However, not all candle containers have lids. It is upon the customization made by candle makers. But candle boxes, either one-piece or two-piece, are with covers. 

Candle Boxes without Lid Containers

Contrary to the candle containers with lids, there are containers without caps. The candle containers without tops get placed in a square cardboard box with a covering lid.

Tiny Candle Boxes

The tiny candle boxes are available in small containers and tin bundles. Or other candles available as tea candles. 

The standard size of bundle boxes is anyone of 6, 12, or 24, usually available in the bundle candle packaging. Bundles are another point of client personalization.  

Luxury Candle Boxes

Luxury candle boxes contain rigid box material and usually include scented decorative candles. 

Simple Candle Boxes

Any candle packaging available for routine use is called a simple candle box. It could be available in simple tin containers wrapped in plastic or kraft sheets. Or in the form of candle bundles with custom numbers of candles inside.  

Colored Candle Boxes

The colored candle packaging consists of white cardboard or rigid boxes dyed in custom designs and colors per the seller’s requirements. The option of colored candle boxes is widely customizable in the printing and coloring phases. The inside and outsides of the candle boxes are quite an option to alter and play around with them.     

Transparent Candle Boxes

Another famous type of candle box in the American candle market is the availability of transparent candle boxes. The transparent candle boxes are available in two excellent options. One is the whole candle box made out of a solid PVC sheet. No kraft, cardboard, or corrugated material applies alongside. Another type is the variation of cardstock, kraft, or rigid box with a die-cut window panel either in any shape or simple liner design options with PVC sheet for a see-through window.

Finishing Requirements for Making a Candle Box

The finishing requirements differentiate with the candle type and conditions. In simple candles, the simple tin container is implemented with a simple brown kraft box printed in simple colored branding options. Another option is to apply the finishing sheets of the following materials as per need. 

  • Aqueous Coating
  • UV Coating
  • Spot Gloss UV
  • Soft Touch Coating
  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Varnish Coating

In the USA, you can get candle box packaging anywhere from your packaging-providing companies, even for homemade candles. 


Candle boxes are a premium product in candle making business. Whether home-based or corporate, candles are wrapped in some style. The best suiting options for candle boxes in the USA came into discussion. 

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