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Never Worry About Tealight Candle Boxes Again. Start Doing This TODAY!

Wondering why you need to alter the packaging and cliché design of your custom tea light candle boxes? Well, that’s because gone are the old days when you required candles to light up a dark room. Custom-printed candle boxes are a significant trend nowadays. They are used for various reasons, such as custom-printed candle gift boxes, increasing the tactile appeal of deep-rooted designs, and promoting one’s brand.

One of the primary and exclusive reasons why old packaging techniques are going out of trend is to improve the quality of packaging. Warranting the safety of what’s inside your box is crucial to the image of your company. Protecting the product from wear and tear during transport and factory presses and avoiding any damage is one reason why custom tea light candle boxes must come forth.

Custom tea light candle boxes require many customizations, including tinkering over which material to choose and the suitable coating and manufacturing style. Different materials are used for other purposes; for example, a thick corrugation of boxes is only used for shipping and protecting the candles. Several coating techniques are available to enhance the look and beauty of your packaging, and we’ll discuss them in detail. Please grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and stick with us for five minutes while we aid your worries. Let’s begin.

1 – Aesthetic Design Mixed with Durable Packaging:

“With aesthetic design comes durable packaging.” We just made this quote up, but we’re sure you get its gist. Several designing techniques can be applied but at the expense of durable packaging. What does it even mean?

It means that your product may be of superior quality, but if your packaging does not provide brute strength and protection from certain presses, it will damage both the product and the image of your brand. It hurts. Well, as crucial as your design implementation is, the strengthening ability of your packaging should be kept in mind.

What good is a quality product with an impeccable design if the packaging fails to protect both? Well, that’s an alarming situation. Choosing a durable material like refined cardboard warrants enough protection to withstand any pressure.

2 – Setting the Right Pricing Plans:

Candle box wholesale pricing plans should be adjusted in a way that they do not become a burden on your consumer’s pocket. The cost will rise with a better and more durable design, but it will double your wholesale candle box sales within numbered days.

You’d be well aware of bulk orders if you’re in the wholesale business. Bulk orders will decrease the cost for consumers and increase your marginal profit—a win-win situation in both cases. You can make boxes of various shapes and sizes to amass many candles to achieve that. Furthermore, you can adjust the candle boxes to your liking. You can add your logo and the company’s tagline to differentiate it from other packaging products by giving it an inimitable and unique touch.

3 – Using the Materials and Add-Ons That Are Appropriate:

Ever heard of eco-friendly Kraft? If not, it is an environment-friendly material contributes to a green Earth. Using Kraft paper can add a substantiating effect on your sales because it guarantees environmental protection. Not only is it good for our environment, but it is also cost-friendly. Yes, that’s spot on.

Materials like eco-friendly Kraft provide a lot of feasibility, but at the same time, as we discussed, they could be more durable. You must choose suitable materials and add-ons for your custom tea light candle boxes. Otherwise, tireless efforts will amount to nothing if the appropriate material is not chosen correctly.

Well, that’s it from us. We hope you marked some points and made some decisions because now’s the time to go through this again if you haven’t.


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